BDT Adjudicators

The Building Disputes Tribunal maintains a panel of adjudicators from which to nominate adjudicators for the purposes of the Construction Contracts Act 2002.
All Building Disputes Tribunal adjudicators have been appointed to the Tribunal’s panel because of their extensive knowledge and expertise in construction law coupled with their extensive knowledge, skill and experience in adjudication.
Some adjudicators come from legal backgrounds, some have an engineering, architectural and/or quantity surveying background and others have been builders, project managers and/or building consultants – all have extensive knowledge of building and construction practice and building and construction law in New Zealand.
The Building Disputes Tribunal provides a continuing professional development programme for its adjudicators to ensure consistency and excellence in the delivery of its services. All adjudicators on the Tribunal’s panel are required to maintain appropriate levels of continuing professional development.

Unless a party takes objection, each determination by any Tribunal adjudicator is subject to ‘scrutiny’ before being given to the parties. Scrutiny is a key element of the Tribunal’s adjudication service ensuring that adjudicators’ determinations are of the highest possible standard and thus less susceptible to correction or challenge in the courts. This unique quality assurance mechanism makes the Tribunal’s adjudication service the country’s most reliable adjudication system.
Meet our Panel of Adjudicators

Process for Appointment of Adjudicators

The Building Disputes Tribunal employs full time Registrars to manage and oversee the Tribunal’s appointment and adjudication services. The Registrars will appoint the most appropriate available adjudicator for any adjudication from the Tribunal’s panels. The Registrars will take into account the amount at issue, the complexity of the matters at issue, the geographical location of the parties and the subject matter of the dispute so far as those factors may be relevant, and any particular requests or requirements of the parties.
A nomination will be made, and a notice of acceptance served on the parties by the Tribunal within 24 hours of receipt of a properly completed application form, which may be completed easily and simply online.

An Authorised Nominating Authority
under section 65 of the Construction Contracts Act 2002