Building Disputes Tribunal has long been recognised and respected as the leading provider of specialist professional dispute resolution services for the building and construction industry in New Zealand. Our reputation and ability to deliver cost effective, fair and prompt dispute resolution services has recently been enhanced by the Department of Building & Housing approving us as an authorized nominating authority for the purpose of nominating adjudicators under the Construction Contracts Act 2002 (the Act).

The resolution of Construction Disputes can be complicated and costly which is why it is important to ensure you are dealing with professional's who are experienced and knowledgeable. All of our Dispute Resolution Practitioners are highly skilled, experienced, and respected adjudicators, arbitrators, mediators, early neutral evaluators and experts (for more information on our panelists please see the appropriate sections of the website).

There are various methods of dispute resolution and we offer our clients a variety of Dispute Resolution options depending on the nature of their dispute and the requirements of their specific situation.

The Tribunal is committed to providing fair, prompt, proportionate and cost effective dispute resolution services for parties involved in building and construction disputes including disputes related to water ingress and weathertightness. In pursuit of that goal, the Tribunal has developed a range of specialist, fully administered dispute resolution services including:
  • Adjudication;

  • Expedited commercial arbitration;

  • Expert determination;

  • Early neutral evaluation;

  • Mediation;

  • Facilitation and,

  • Dispute review and advisory boards.

The Tribunal provides dispute resolution services throughout New Zealand and has assisted parties with resolving disputes ranging in value from less than $5,000 up to $106 Million. A large proportion of disputes however involve claims for $50,000 or less. And we have developed specific fixed fee services to ensure that the cost of resolving these lower value claims is not disproportionate to the amount in dispute.

For more information or if you are unsure which methods of Dispute Resolution are appropriate for your situation please contact us on (09) 486 7143 or at

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With 20 years experience in the avoidance, management, and resolution of building and construction disputes, the Building Disputes Tribunal is recognised and respected as the leading independent, nationwide provider of specialist dispute resolution services to the building and construction industry.

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