Rex Moyle

REX MOYLE 200PIXELAAMINZ G.Dip.Bus.Stud.(Disp Res)

Adjudication - Arbitration - Mediation - Expert Determination

New Zealand

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In 2001 Rex graduated from Massey University gaining a diploma in Business Management (dispute resolution). His involvement in dispute resolution is exclusively in regard to the building industry.

He has conducted over 45 Arbitrations, 120 mediations, approximately 201 on-site mediations / determinations, and 28 Adjudications under the Construction Contracts Act 2002.

Rex has regular appointments from the NZ Certified Builders Assoc. and Master Builders Federation, and I have acted for the Department of Courts as an Expert Witness and an on-site investigator.

He is qualified to serve as an Adjudicator for the Construction Contracts Act 2002, including as an Adjudication List Member of AMINZ who are a Nominating Authority for the Construction Contracts Act.

I am also a list member for the Building Disputes Tribunal and the Adjudicators Association of NZ both of whom are also registered Nominating Authorities (ANA) under the Construction Contracts Act 2002.

Since 1998 Rex has been intimately involved with weather tightness of buildings and the “leaky home” syndrome. In this regard he has acted as an advocate on 35 occasions, expert witness on 45 occasions. Rex has undertaken many destructive and non-descriptive testing regimes on both house and multi-storied complexes.

Rex has also acted in the capacity of expert advisor to owners during the remediation process including the preparation of evidence to support claims for compensation.

He is accepted by Tauranga District Council, Western Bay District Council, Thames Coromandel District Council as an expert who is able to sign off remediation work carried out to leaky buildings.

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