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Richard Fernyhough QC has been practising at the UK Bar for nearly 40 years and has been a member of Keating Chambers for 38 years. For the past 30 years he has specialised in construction and engineering law with an emphasis on arbitration. During that time he has sat as a Deputy High Court Judge for over 15 years and has acted as Arbitrator for the past 20 years.

He has been appointed Sole Arbitrator, Co-Arbitrator and also Chairman of the Tribunal by many international arbitral institutions including the ICC, the LCIA and several arbitral institutions in South East Asia.

During these years of practise Mr. Fernyhough has, apart from the run of the mill construction or engineering cases with which he is very familiar, developed particular expertise in oil and gas cases involving, for example, the construction of off-shore platforms and gas turbine power stations. He has also handled shipbuilding cases and cases involving gas pipelines as well as high speed rail networks. In this type of work Mr. Fernyhough has developed particular expertise in dealing with the most technically challenging cases and has a proven track record in being able to pick up highly technical issues quickly and accurately.

Mr. Fernyhough has conducted arbitrations in Paris, Houston, the Bahamas, Cairo, Seoul, Bahrain as well as many hearings in London. When sitting as arbitrator he is particularly keen to reach the right result as quickly and as economically as circumstances and the parties permit. He also places particular importance on the need to produce the award with the minimum of delay after the close of the hearing and, in order to achieve this, is fully prepared to set time aside in his diary.

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