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If you have served a notice of adjudication on the other party or parties to the construction contract (and where appropriate for the purpose of the adjudication, on the owner of the construction site) and you are ready to have your building dispute resolved by adjudication, simply complete our online application form and we will appoint an adjudicator within 24 hours. Building Disputes Tribunal does not charge the parties for this appointment service.

Please note: an application for appointment of an adjudicator must be made in the period between and including two to five working days after the notice of adjudication is served on the other parties to the adjudication (ie barring the occurrence of any statutory non-working days - if the notice is served on a Monday you cannot make your application to the Tribunal until the Wednesday, Thursday or Friday of that week or the Monday of the following week – if the notice is served on a Friday you cannot make your application to the Tribunal until the following Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday).

Please note that the days between 24 December and 5 January inclusive are non-working days under the Construction Contracts Act for the purpose of Adjudication (Read more: Section 5 - Interpretation).

If you have served your Notice of Adjudication and are ready to proceed, simply complete our online application for the appointment of an adjudicator.
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If you have not served a Notice of Adjudication, use our template below.

Notice of Adjudication
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