Confidentiality Agreement for Non-Parties

I have read and understand that I am bound by Rules 30.2-30.7 of the BDT Arb-Med Rules. I understand that by being involved in, or being privy to, BDT Arb-Med, I am bound by these Rules.

I understand that I am not to disclose any information obtained in the course of the Arb-Med proceeding, including the fact of the Arb-Med itself, except in accordance with Rules 30.4-30.7.

I understand that I owe all Parties, BDT, the Arbitral Tribunal, and any other non-parties involved in the Arb-Med proceeding a duty of confidence, and that failure to comply with this duty may result in legal consequences.

I understand that if I intend to make a disclosure of any Confidential Information, I must notify all persons listed in Rule 30.5.


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BDT Confidentiality Agreement for Non-Parties




Arb-Med is a private and confidential process. All non-parties, including Representatives, must sign the BDT Confidentiality Agreement for Non-Parties as a precondition to their participation in any BDT Arb-Med process.

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