18 August 2021 | IMPORTANT NOTICE


In line with Ministry of Health guidance, our staff are currently working remotely. They remain available to assist and it is business as usual. However, we ask that wherever possible you contact us online or by email to registrar@buildingdisputestribunal.co.nz.

If you need to courier documents, please contact our Registry staff in the first instance to confirm the appropriate delivery details.

He waka eke noa.

Guides and Resources

On this page you can find any guides and resources relevant to the mediation process. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us with your enquiry.

Notice of Mediation

This template Notice of Mediation is to be used where the parties to the dispute have previously agreed to refer any dispute to mediation under the BDT Mediation Rules, typically by way of inclusion of the BDT Mediation Model Clause in their underlying agreement/contract.

Where parties have not previously agreed to refer any dispute to mediation under the BDT Mediation Rules, they will need to execute a Mediation Agreement (see template below). A Notice of Mediation is not required in those cases.


of BDT mediations resulting in full and final settlement

Mediation Agreement

Prior to engaging in Mediation, Parties to a dispute must agree to mediate. Where they have not already agreed to refer a dispute to Mediation under BDT’s Mediation Rules, they may do so by completing this Mediation Agreement. A Notice of Mediation is not required where parties complete and sign this agreement.

The BDT Model Clause should be inserted into all new contracts where the parties wish any future disputes to be referred to Mediation with BDT.

Confidentiality Agreement for Non-Parties

Mediation is a private and confidential process. All non-parties, including Representatives, Support Persons, and Observers, must sign the BDT Confidentiality Agreement for Non-Parties as a precondition to their participation in any BDT Mediation.